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The Russian Federation is preparing a provocation at Zaporizhia NPP: the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned what they want to do

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According to information received from Ukrainian intelligence, Russian occupiers are actively preparing for a new provocation on the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, using traditional methods operations under a false flag.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports “URA-Inform”.

Russia, in this context, is a unique player, holding the nuclear power plant hostage and using it as a tool to threaten and blackmail both Ukraine and the international community.

It is noted that the radiation danger arising from this disaster threatens not only regional stability, but also global security as a whole.

“The latest events only confirm that Russia has a deliberate strategy to discredit Ukraine by shifting responsibility for incidents related to the use of drones to the Kyiv authorities. This is part of a large-scale campaign of destabilization that continues to threaten not only the security of the region, but also global stability,” — the message said.

It was then added that Ukraine has always given the highest priority to the safety of nuclear facilities, and the return of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant under its control is an important step towards restoring real security at this facility.

“While Russian terrorists remain on the territory of the station, maintaining their military equipment and carrying out their operations , it is impossible to guarantee the safety of Zaporizhia NPP,” — the military concluded.

Recall that the Kremlin set the task for the Russians to capture Chasov Yar: Syrsky announced the terms.

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