• 24/07/2024 11:33

The Russian Federation launched a rare weapon across Ukraine: experts found out what it was (photo)

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This information was reported by the Defense Express resource, URA-Inform reports.

In recent days, photographs of the wreckage of one of these missiles have appeared on social networks, which is the first known case of the use of this type of weapon by the Russian side.

The published photographs show the wreckage of the P-35; it is distinguished by its impressive dimensions – 10 meters long and a launch weight of 4 tons. Created in the 50s, the missile entered service in 1962 as an anti-ship system. Russia likely sought to use it to attack targets in the southern regions of Ukraine.

However, according to Defense Express, identifying the P-35 from the wreckage is difficult. However, the rocket has characteristic features in the design of its wings. The P-35 still remains part of Russia’s armament, used as part of the Redut coastal missile system.

As noted by 2021, it is known that there are 8 launchers. The missile was also used in the stationary complex «Utes» («Object-100») in the Balaklava area, where the launchers are hidden underground and are raised only before launch. The last modernization of the missile was carried out in 1982, while its range reaches 300 km, speed — 1800 km/h, and the warhead weighs up to 930 kg (FKBCh 4G48).

Recall that Zelensky threatened Putin and his family: the leader of Ukraine said that he was waiting for the whole family.

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