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The Russian Federation launched an attack in the Orekhovsky direction, but did not expect this: Pletenchuk spoke about the battles

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Head of the press center of the Southern Defense Forces Dmitry Pletenchuk said that in the Orekhovsky direction (Zaporozhye region) there is increased pressure from Russian army. However, the Russian offensive in this direction has completely failed.

The details are reported by URA-Inform, citing

“We see increased pressure from the Russian Federation in the Orekhovsky direction. On May 12, 19 assaults were observed on Staromayorskoye and three on Rabotino. Although, of course, I cannot say that this is directly related to the battles in the Kharkov region,” — he said.

Pletenchuk added that the pressure on Krynki from Russian forces has decreased, since on May 12 there were no attacks at all in this direction. He also clarified that Russian forces in the south remain stable, and there are no signs of an increase in their number or the formation of offensive groups.

“We cannot yet say unequivocally that these changes correlate with the events in the Kharkov region. Yes, forces were redistributed, some activation of the Russian Federation was noticeable, but it was a failure. The attacks that took place yesterday were unsuccessful. This is also an important point,” — Pletenchuk emphasized.

Recall that Zelensky, at a meeting with Blinken, told what kind of help Ukraine urgently needs.

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