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The Russians occupied the dominant heights in Chasovoy Yar: the analyst called the threat

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Co-founder of the DeepState project, analyst Roman Pogorely reported on the difficult situation in the city of Chasov Yar, Donetsk region.

This information was reported by Oobozrevatel, URA-Inform reports.  

He said that Russian troops entered its outskirts and occupied dominant heights.

«This is bad, this should not have been allowed», — the expert emphasized.

According to him, reaching a height gives the occupiers “operational space for further advancement, fire control, because this height covers a very large field of view.” Pogorely  emphasized that Russian military personnel became more active near Chasovoy Yar because they had success.

«As soon as they see success in a certain area, forces are drawn there. Chasov Yar is under fire from aviation and artillery. Accordingly, they began to compare everything to the ground», — said the analyst.

In addition, Pogorely said that heavy fighting continues in Ivanovsky. However, the enemy does not completely control this settlement. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to contain the pressure.

«The Russians have entered the heights north of Ivanovsky, there are very heavy battles there, because you cannot let the enemy advance. If they advance further north, they will gain fire control from above. Accordingly, logistics will be blocked, and it is our group that will be under threat», — the expert summed up.

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