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The situation at the front may change dramatically: the military man admitted what to expect

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Kryzhanovsky reported this information on Espresso, URA-Inform reports.

During his speech, he noted that the current situation on the front line remains difficult, since the enemy continues to strive to conduct offensive operations in certain areas of the conflict.

He also emphasized that due to unfavorable Due to weather conditions, the logistics of both sides deteriorated. However, the Defense Forces successfully hold their positions, effectively repelling enemy attacks, despite the invaders' superiority in artillery and ammunition. Kryzhanovsky emphasized that, despite the critical situation, it is under control.

The officer also warned against an overly optimistic view of the exhaustion of the enemy’s offensive potential.

In his opinion, Russia can become more active in other direction at any time. He also emphasized that one should not count on a cessation of offensive actions by Russia in the winter.

«Judging by the situation at the front, there is a possibility opening a new direction, therefore, the enemy’s offensive and assault operations will continue. The enemy's potential remains», — emphasized Lieutenant Colonel NSU.

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