• 21/07/2024 21:09

The Taurus missile manufacturer made an encouraging statement for Ukraine: what are we talking about?

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This information was reported by DW, reports URA-Inform.

The head of the company, Joachim Knopf, said that the German defense industry will be able to quickly replenish stocks of long-range Taurus missiles if they are delivered to Ukraine.

Thus, the German company Taurus Systems GmbH denied the statement of the Social expert Democratic Party on Defense Johannes Arlt that the German defense industry is not able to quickly replenish missile reserves in the event of delivery to Ukraine.

«In the event corresponding order, the manufacturer is ready in the shortest possible time to both launch production of new Taurus missiles and modify existing ones», — he said.

It is worth noting that in November the manufacturing company MBDA, which owns Taurus Systems, also reported that it was able to quickly not only increase the production of Taurus long-range missiles, but also, if necessary, integrate new technical advances into them.

Recall that it was previously reported, several weeks or months: the White House about the risk of Ukraine’s defeat without US help.

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