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The territory of Ukraine was encroached upon in another country: CNN said who decided to speak out

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This information was reported by CNN, reports URA-Inform.

Tarziu stated that in order to achieve full sovereignty for Romania, it is necessary to reintegrate the territories that were once part of the Romanian nation.

«We are as always , we are at a historical crossroads, and we will have to deal with great empires to ensure our sovereignty and return it to its pristine borders. Our nation will not become fully sovereign until we restore the Romanian state within its natural borders!», — he stated, expressing the desire for the reunification of Romania.

The AUR leader emphasized that territories such as Northern Bukovina, Southern Bessarabia, Hertz Land and Transylvania, which are historically considered part of the Romanian nation.

Such statements pose a serious threat to the international status of Romania, highlighting possible violations of international agreements and principles. If plans for annexation are implemented, Romania can expect not only international sanctions and diplomatic isolation, but also a possible entry into a military conflict with Ukraine.

We remind you that certificates of persons liable for military service will be introduced in Ukraine: Arakhamia explained why this is necessary .

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