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The United States punished Iran for attacking Israel: details became known

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On Monday, April 15, the Republican-led United States House of Representatives voted in favor of a series of bills to put financial pressure on Iran.

This information was reported by The Hill, URA-Inform reports.  

It is noted that this is the US response to the unprecedented attack of drones and missiles carried out by Iran against Israel on the night of April 14.

The package of bills is aimed at interrupting China's purchase of Iranian oil and petroleum products, as well as to stop the Iranian government from using the US financial system. It also revokes the tax-exempt status of businesses and organizations that support Iran.

The publication notes that although Democrats supported this package of bills, they continue to criticize Republicans for the fact that they have been delaying for several weeks in bringing to a vote the $95 billion national security supplement adopted by the Senate, which provides for assistance not only to Israel , but also to Ukraine and Taiwan.

«I want to again thank my colleague, Republican Representative David Kustoff, for his partnership and work on this bill. And I urge all of my colleagues to not only support this legislation, but also, as we said, to support the important national security funding supplement that came out of the Senate», — said Democratic spokesman Brad Schneider.

Recall that it was previously reported why the United States will not shoot down drones in Ukraine, as they did in Israel: Kirby’s explanation.

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