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The US told how new aid to Ukraine changes the course of the war: a particularly important region is named

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A new batch of aid from the United States is already influencing the course of the war and reducing the capabilities of the occupiers. White House spokesman John Kirby said in which region this is especially noticeable.

The details are reported by URA-Inform, citing the telethon.

Kirby emphasized that the US provided assistance to the Ukrainian military opportunity to strengthen positions. This was especially important in the Donbass region, where the Russian Federation is especially actively trying to break through.

“Now Donbass is the main location in the war. The Russian Federation was able to show some progress, but this is largely due to the fact that the United States did not provide support to Ukraine for six months. Now we see new supplies coming in, which significantly strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” — Kirby said.

He noted that only Ukraine will decide how to manage further assistance from the United States.

“It is more important now to strengthen the defense, but in the future Ukraine will be able to go on a counteroffensive,” & #8212; said Kirby.

Recall that experts told when and how Ukraine can end the war: important decisions are being prepared.

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