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The weather will change in Ukraine: weather forecasters warned what to expect in early February

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Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

< p>From January 29, the country will be in the epicenter of a powerful anticyclone covering the entire eastern and central Europe. Southern, central and eastern regions are expected to experience light snow overnight, while other regions will see no precipitation during the day.

There may be some icy conditions on the roads. The wind will be northeast, at a speed of 5-10 m/s, and in the south it will reach 7-12 m/s, with gusts up to 15-20 m/s. Night air temperatures will be -3 to -8° below zero.

Light snow is expected in the Carpathians, and night temperatures on January 28 will be -6 to -11° below zero, and on January 29 — 10 to -15° below zero, maintaining within 3-8° below zero during the day.

February in general will begin with light precipitation, but light rain is forecast on February 2, and light rain is expected on February 3 in the north-eastern part of the country it is rainy. Air temperatures at night on February 1 will range from -1 to -6° below zero, and on February 2-4 — from 0 to -5° heat. Daytime temperatures will be 2-8°C, in the southern and western regions 5-10°C, and in some places on February 4-5 they will rise to 13-15°.

In Kyiv on January 29, cloudy weather is expected with clearing and no precipitation. The wind will be northeast at a speed of 5-10 m/s. Night temperatures will be -6 to -8° below zero, and daytime temperatures will be — from 1 to -3° below zero.

No precipitation weather is expected in Kyiv from January 30-31. Night temperatures will range from -3 to -5° below zero, and daytime temperatures — from 0 to 2°C.

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