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The West can make a deal with Putin on Ukraine: Politico revealed what Kyiv will lead to

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According to information from Politico, the West may take the path of pushing Ukraine to start negotiations with Russia for a specific purpose.

This information was reported by the above-mentioned publication, URA-Inform reports.

< p>It is noted that they want to push Kiev into negotiations in order to stabilize the conflict and fix current territorial changes in exchange for Western security guarantees and the prospect of membership in the European Union.

This information comes from senior European diplomatic circles, which have identified the best scenario for Ukraine in the coming year as stabilization of the conflict.

According to these sources, such an approach to negotiations could allow a return to business as usual with Russia soon after hypothetical freezing of the military conflict.

However, despite this, the question of preserving Russian assets in Europe remains open, which may indicate a desire to preserve the possibility of a future restoration of relations with Moscow.

The publication emphasizes that the West is not abandoning its support for Ukraine, but its main focus is now on managing risks and trying to minimize the consequences of the conflict.

The main question facing the West is whether such an approach can prevent a catastrophe or but it will lead to new negative consequences.

Recall that the Ukrainian economy may be paralyzed: Reuters explained what the authorities will lead the country to.

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