• 13/07/2024 15:03

The West considers the situation in Ukraine a dead end: it became known who decided to make a confession

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Country Politics”, reports “URA-Inform”.< /p>

Pitorius stressed that at the moment there are no territorial successes on either side of the conflict, but expressed recognition to the Ukrainians for their successful defense, especially in the south and east of the country.

Rejecting media reports about possible exchange of long-range missiles with Britain, Pitorius claims to have no information about London's proposal for the supply of missiles. He noted that if such discussions are ongoing, he is not aware.

Regarding Kuleba’s statements that the DPRK provides Russia with better support in the form of ammunition than the West provides to Ukraine, Pitorius reacted, considering these words typical for Kuleba.

He noted that the head of Ukrainian diplomacy is prone to polarization and escalation, adding that the quality of North Korean supplies may vary, but is at a significantly different level.

Remember when Putin decided to attack Ukraine: intelligence revealed new details.

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