• 24/07/2024 11:18

The White House gave urgent advice to Putin: Bates distinguished himself with a new statement

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This information was reported by Sky News, URA-Inform reports.

< p>He stated that interference in these processes by Russia is unacceptable. Moreover, he then gave a more detailed comment.

«Mr. Putin must observe the principle of non-interference in the American elections», — the White House press secretary emphasized.

Putin’s recent comments about his preferences regarding presidential candidates have caused concern in the American political community.

Even though he expressed a preference for the current president, but, As Bates noted, election interference by a foreign country is contrary to democratic principles. At the same time, Putin also said that Russia will work with any elected US president, regardless of their party affiliation or political views.

Recall that a serious threat looms over the United States: it became known who even decided to speak in Congress.

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