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These affordable foods will help cleanse and strengthen the liver: what to include in your diet

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This information was reported by Medicalanswers, URA-Inform reports.  

As for fruits, you should pay attention to apples and lemons. Apples are high in fiber, and antioxidant-rich lemons will help flush out toxins and improve glucose processing. In addition, vitamin C helps to establish normal liver function, and there is also a lot of it in these fruits.

Include white cabbage, garlic, cucumbers and broccoli in your menu. As shown by a recent study published in the journal Hepatology, cabbage contains a substance called indole, which helps reduce the volume of fatty tissue in the liver and prevents the development of inflammation.

Broccoli will help get rid of toxins, garlic has a broad anti-inflammatory effect. Garlic also contains allicin, which helps cleanse the liver itself. Cucumbers are rich in minerals and are good for removing toxins.

It is also worth including legumes in your diet, especially chickpeas. It promotes the production of enzymes that are involved in liver metabolism. Legumes contain a lot of B vitamins and amino acids necessary for liver function.

Recall that it was previously reported that a drink has been named that helps avoid liver cirrhosis: just drink it every day.

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