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These foods can dissolve blood clots: the doctor said they should be included in the diet

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This information was reported by U-news, URA-Inform reports.  


The acid contained in lemon juice can literally dissolve blood clots in the body. The doctor recommends eating one lemon once a week. Not in tea, but raw and without sugar.


It helps maintain the youth of blood vessels. The expert advised including fresh beets in smoothies and drinking them once a day, even in the afternoon, since vegetable smoothies are low-calorie.


It occupies one of the places on the list of products that dissolve blood clots and save people from heart attacks, of course, if they are eaten regularly. Garlic is not only useful for protecting against viruses, it also protects blood vessels. In addition, garlic is useful for preventing atherosclerosis.


Parsley, dill, green onions, spinach and others are necessary in the human diet like air. Greens contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that support high immune function. And the immune system, in turn, protects blood vessels and is activated in the event of blood clots.

Recall that it was previously reported that alcohol can protect against certain diseases: data from a scientific study.

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