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They started importing salt from Africa to Ukraine: how much does it cost?

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This information was reported by  «Ukrinform», reports URA-Inform .  

This year, industrial salt production was resumed in Ukraine. We are talking about the Bushtynskoye field in Transcarpathia. This field began to be developed last year with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

“Ukraine needs its own salt, just like any of its resources. Moreover, the region needs it — it's taxes and jobs. The cost of Transcarpathian salt from the Bushtinskoe deposit is now 3 thousand UAH per ton,” — said the chairman of the Transcarpathian OVA Viktor Mikita.

However, salt is now imported into Ukraine from African countries, because even despite the logistics it is cheaper than Ukrainian.

“Its cost is 2.5 thousand UAH per ton. In general, before the war, the cost of technical salt from «Artemsol» was 1.5 thousand UAH. When there was no salt at all in the first year of the war, we imported it from Poland, its cost was 7-9 thousand UAH per ton,” — the official said.

At the same time, Mikita  emphasized that Ukraine’s needs for technical salt amount to 400 thousand tons per year. Now they extract about 45 tons of technical salt per day, but if necessary, they can increase the figure to 200 tons.

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