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“This cannot be done quickly”: the people’s deputy told when the law on mobilization will come into force

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This information was reported by RadioNV, URA-Inform reports.  

People's Deputy Sergei Rakhmanin said that February 21 is the deadline for submitting amendments to the draft law on mobilization. He noted that people's deputies submitted more than 900 amendments.

«Moreover, they can be submitted not only electronically, but also in writing . All edits must be compiled in a table and only after that the committee can consider them,” he explained.

Rakhmanin noted that if a large number of edits are submitted on paper in the last hours, the committee itself will tabulate these edits. This may take a lot of time.

«This will not take a day or two. This cannot be done quickly. After this, the committee must review them and make an appropriate decision. And only after this the bill should get into the hall», — the people's deputy noted.

According to him, all the edits have not yet arrived, and therefore it is not clear what exactly these edits will be. Rakhmanin said that the bill will only come into effect until the end of the year. Despite this, mobilization in Ukraine still continues.

«There is no direct connection between the adoption of this law and the situation with the replenishment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine» , — he said.

At the same time, Rakhmanin emphasized that the bill will work “for the future, for the future.”

We recall that it was previously reported that TCC employees can to come into houses at night: the media found out that the military was allowed.

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