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This was just the beginning – an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned whether the Russian Federation would go to Kyiv again

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Zhorin reported this information in an interview with TSN, reports URA-Inform.

The journalist asked Maxim Zhorin a question, assessing the credibility of the statement that Russian tanks no longer threaten Kyiv, since the fate of the capital was decided in the spring of 2022. According to an experienced military man, the enemy may attack some Ukrainian cities again in a year or two, if not now.

He shared his vision of events in the first weeks after a full-scale invasion, emphasizing that the decisive battles for Kyiv took place in March 2022. However, according to him, it is foolish to believe that such attempts cannot be repeated this year, next year or even in a few years. Zhorin emphasized the importance of learning from past experiences.

«We really showed ourselves at the very beginning. Then each of us discovered the real Ukrainian in ourselves. We came together, resisted and destroyed the enemy's first plans, but that was only the beginning. We thwarted the enemy's plans, but he does not give up on them», — emphasized the Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Then he explained how a repeat invasion of Kiev and already liberated cities can be prevented.

«The enemy is not going to stop, and their losses, although they seem huge to us, do not matter to them. They will gain new strength and attack again, continuing to do this until they achieve their goal or are completely destroyed. We have a simple choice: either we relax now and let the enemy realize his plans, or we are ready to fight, destroy the enemy completely and only after that can we relax», — Zhorin concluded.

Recall that the Kremlin is again talking about negotiations with Ukraine: Peskov’s statement.

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