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Ukraine could cross Putin’s nuclear “red line”: media reported details

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Newsweek believes that Ukraine could cross the nuclear «red line» Putin.

This information was reported by Newsweek, URA-Inform reports.  

Ukraine could have crossed the nuclear «red line» Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. This likely occurred during a drone attack on the Russian 29B6 «Container» over-the-horizon radar.

In particular, on Wednesday morning, April 17, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported the downing of drones over the territories of the Republic of Mordovia and Tatarstan. Subsequently, it became known that drones attacked a military unit of the Russian Federation in the city of Kovylkino.

The target of the UAV strike was the Russian over-the-horizon radar 29B6 «Container» with a target detection range of about 3000 kilometers and a detection altitude of more than 100 kilometers.

«The drone attacks on a Russian radar may have crossed one of Moscow's red lines for the potential use of nuclear weapons— «disruption of the response actions of nuclear forces», according to the wording of the decree signed by President Vladimir Putin in 2020», — wrote Newsweek.

For this reason, according to Newsweek, if the Russian radar system «Container» was actually damaged as a result of a drone attack, then this may meet one of the «conditions, determining the possibility of the Russian Federation using nuclear weapons», as stated in the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In particular, we are talking about «obtaining reliable information about the launches of ballistic missiles on the territories of the Russian Federation and its allies», as well as «the enemy’s use of nuclear weapons or other types of weapons of mass destruction on the territories of the Russian Federation and its allies».

Also among other criteria there is «the enemy’s influence on critically important state or military facilities of the Russian Federation, the failure of which will lead to the disruption of the response actions of nuclear forces», and also «aggression against the Russian Federation using conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is under threat».

«The threat of nuclear escalation — whether due to nuclear weapons or due to an accident at one of the many civilian nuclear power plants in a war zone — has loomed over Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine since it began in February 2022», — added to Newsweek.

We recall that it was previously reported that a scandal arose in the Kremlin: a source said that they had discovered something “close to” Vladimir Putin.

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