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Ukraine is discussing options for ending the war with Russia – Scholz

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Ukraine and a number of other countries are looking for opportunities to end the war with the Russian Federation.

This information was reported by Märkische, reports URA-Inform.  

At the same time, he noted that at the same time, hostilities could stop at any time on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Scholz emphasized that there have always been initiatives for mediation. For example, immediately after the start of the war, Russia and Ukraine conducted direct negotiations with each other.

«Then the negotiations failed because Russia only used them as an excuse to simultaneously transfer its troops to the east for a big offensive. Then it became known about massacres in Bucha and Irpen — the incredible human rights crimes committed by the Russian military against civilians. This deprived the negotiations of any basis», — said the German chancellor.

According to Scholz, after some time a grain agreement was discussed, which was successful, but at some point Putin canceled it again. Also, according to the German Chancellor, there were discussions about security at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant or the exchange of prisoners.

«A number of countries, including Ukraine, are now are discussing at the security advisor level what something that could lead to a peace process might look like. But let me make one thing clear: peace is possible at any time. Putin just needs to call off his barbaric campaign and withdraw his troops», — added Olaf Scholz.

Recall that it was previously reported when the war in Ukraine will be frozen: Die Welt presented their forecast.

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