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Ukraine may benefit from Russia's repeated attack on Kyiv: an expert explains why

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The Kremlin's decision to resume the offensive on Kyiv or direct a breakthrough to Kharkov could be favorable for Ukraine.

< p>This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Center for Security and Cooperation, Sergei Kuzan, in an interview with Glavred, reports URA-Inform.

As the expert noted, the Russian troops that were deployed in Ukraine in 2022 were the result of more than ten years of preparation. They consisted of highly qualified professionals who possessed the latest military equipment and were able to act autonomously.

However, according to Kuzan, the current situation is significantly different: although the size of the armed forces has increased significantly, their quality and level of equipment have decreased.

Kuzan believes that it is for this reason that Russian strategy may be aimed at concentrating forces in a certain direction, since it is easier to control a small but highly qualified group than a mass of low-quality troops.

«To carry out an attack on Kyiv or Kharkov, a group of about 300 thousand military personnel is required, who must be provided with modern weapons and armored vehicles. Experienced officers and authoritative generals are required. While the recruitment of soldiers can be organized, the problem is the shortage of qualified officers», — Kuzan explained.

In addition, he noted that another factor complicating the situation for Russia is the active fortification work in the north and east of Ukraine.

«Just look at what is happening in the Kharkov region. The situation is comparable to 2022 like heaven and earth. Although work is still ongoing, we have already significantly improved our position. Russian attempts to head towards Kyiv or Kharkov could work in our favor, forcing them to stretch their forces rather than concentrate them. Currently, we have to maintain large military units along the border not only with Russia, but also with Belarus», — he added.

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