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Ukraine risks being left without Western help – Hodges said it’s time for Ukrainians to take a bold step

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Retired NATO General Ben Hodges said that Ukraine may be left without weapons supplies from its allies. Hodges emphasized that this issue primarily depends on the Ukrainians themselves.

The details are reported by URA-Inform, citing the YouTube channel Decoding Geopolitics with Dominik Presl.

Hodges emphasized that, first of all, Ukraine must make efforts to change the situation at the front; the collective West can only provide support. NATO experts understand that Ukraine needs Western weapons, but the issue of mobilization depends entirely on Ukraine itself and Ukrainian society.

“Ukraine must demonstrate success in the mobilization process. It is important for partners to see that the Ukrainian people are ready to defend their Motherland. Without this, the West may stop supplying arms. We need to have enough warriors to send new weapons to,” — Hodges noted.

He noted that the West is dissatisfied with the current initial threshold for mobilization age. According to Hodges, guys 18-19 years old are perfect for defending the country.

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