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Ukrainian drivers began to be robbed with a rag: how it happens

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This information was reported by Dexpens, reports URA-Inform.  

In particular, a new fraudulent method has recently appeared. It involves wrapping a rag or old clothing around the side mirror of a car.  New «rogue» it works very simply.

For example, a driver comes to his car in the morning and sees that there is some kind of rag wrapped around the side mirror. And at the same time it is well tightened with lace or tape.

In this case, many go to unwind it, leaving their things in the open car (after all, you are not going far). Usually at this time, drivers also start the car so that the engine warms up.

And, too busy with this process, the car owner does not notice how the thief breaks into his car and takes away everything he managed to get in 2 seconds. And the noise of the engine will only help the scammer. Usually the driver, returning to the car, sees that he has lost everything he left in the car. And he doesn’t understand how this happened.

How to protect yourself from a thief?

When you see such a picture, don’t panic. Just get in the car and drive away from the parking lot. A few blocks will be enough. Most likely, no one will be watching you. Or ask friends or neighbors to keep an eye on the car while you unwind the rag.

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