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Ukrainian government is developing new restrictions for draft dodgers, – Ministry of Justice

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The Ukrainian government will encourage men liable for military service to go to the front by introducing new restrictions for evading mobilization.

Malyuska reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska noted that officials may introduce restrictions on the provision of administrative services. According to him, the state will take such steps so that those people who seek to defend Ukraine are not in a worse position than those who will avoid it.

«We have been preparing the TCC and the Ukrainian Armed Forces in general for a long time so that they can cope with the flow of people. In particular, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Defense to organize the work of the TCC 24/7. I have no doubts that the work will be provided properly», — said Malyuska.

The head of the Ministry of Justice is convinced that the Cabinet of Ministers will provide incentives to join the army for those who doubt the need to fulfill their duties. Dodgers, according to the official, will not be able to receive certain administrative services in the future.

«Currently, various ministries are developing changes to the Cabinet of Ministers resolution, which will establish the provision of a military registration document as a prerequisite for receiving certain administrative services», — Denis Malyuska summarized.

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