• 15/07/2024 16:19

Umerov admitted whether subpoenas will be distributed through “Diya: short answer from the Minister of Defense”

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Umerov reported this information in an interview with the Suspilne publication, URA-Inform reports.< /p>

It is worth noting that he did not deny the possibility of calls through «Diyu» and smartphones, highlighting that various options are currently being considered to incorporate these technologies into the mobilization process. In particular, notification via mobile devices is being discussed.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Digital Minister Fedorov spoke out against the possibility of distributing agendas through the «Diya» application.

This adds an element of discussion in the context of the use of digital means for issues of military mobilization. Thus, the authorities are considering various paths and technologies, while at the same time facing conflicting opinions on this issue in the context of a war against the Russian Federation.

Let us recall why the TCC began to act more radically: Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted what the situation is.< /p>
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