• 16/07/2024 16:04

Under what conditions will the Russian Federation be ready to make peace with Ukraine: Lavrov answered briefly

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Donpress reported this information, citing a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, reports “ URA-Inform.”

The Foreign Ministry representative said that the preservation of the occupied territories remains a priority for the Kremlin.

«We are open for a political and diplomatic resolution based on taking into account our legitimate interests and long-term realities that have formed over many years and led to the current situation», — Lavrov emphasized.

In his opinion, «Western countries» prefer to ignore the interests of Russia and the existing “realities”, and at present there are no clear signs of the possibility of reaching an agreement. He added:

«However, there are still no serious proposals from those who started the war against us, and they have no desire to take into account our interests and realities on the ground, negotiations cannot yet be resumed. Options for such a development of events are not considered. Washington and its allies continue to dream of achieving strategic superiority»

Let us remind you when the Rada can consider the mobilization bill in the second reading: Stefanchuk’s statement.

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