• 19/07/2024 20:15

Vegetable for cancer: scientists said you should definitely add it to your diet

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This information was reported by the publication FACTI, reports URA-Inform.

The study paid particular attention to phytochemicals such as polyacetylenes found in carrots, known for their anti-cancer properties. The results confirmed that these substances, along with alpha and beta carotenes, play a key role in reducing the risk of cancer.

The study found that eating 400 grams of carrots per week could reduce the risk of cancer by about 20% . Even if only one serving of carrots is included in a weekly diet, the likelihood of developing cancer is reduced by 4%.

Charles Ojobor, one of the authors of the study, emphasized that the positive effect was sustainable and did not depend on the type of cancer or geographical region. These results confirm the importance of including carrots in the diet for cancer prevention.

Recall that the only berry that saves from “silent” intestinal cancer has been named: a study by scientists.

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