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We have started negotiations – Dubinsky told what signal the United States and the Russian Federation gave each other

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Dubinsky reported this information in his Telegram, reports URA-Inform.

“Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson needs to be viewed in the context of deep understanding, other than just as a propaganda move. This is an interview in which the Russian leader had the opportunity to express his vision of the military conflict to the American top -journalist and reach a large audience of the American Internet platform,” — the people's deputy said at the beginning.

According to him, the above interview is not just a random recording, but the beginning of open communication between Americans and Russians, which can be called a détente.

“Via Tucker Carlson this dialogue began, because anti-Russian sentiments had been fueled in the traditional American media for too long, and to start communication a soft entrance was required, for example, through the so-called independent blogosphere, and, probably, through influential personalities like Musk,” — followed by the politician.

Towards the end, he added that the basis of this interview is the beginning of the negotiation process, which always begins with a statement of the positions of the parties.

“The conversation about this interview in the American media and its discussion among politicians means that we are starting negotiations. However, it seems we missed this point, — Dubinsky noted at the end.

Recall that Dikiy spoke about punishing the residents of the village of Kosmach: “Otherwise they will clear it as enemy territory” (video).

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