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We need to start negotiations – the West again gave an important signal to Kyiv

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This information was reported by Trend, reports URA-Inform.

He emphasized that, regardless of the outcome of the conflict, Ukraine will always be neighbors with Russia and it is impossible to abandon its borders. The most important factor for the country at present is efforts to achieve peace.

Kaliniak noted that currently the situation at the front is, so to speak, “frozen,” and in this regard called for the beginning of peace negotiations.

“Ukraine will always have borders with the Russian Federation. The Kremlin does not intend to retreat. Considering the state of war, negotiations need to begin,” — he said.

According to him, the important point is the active participation of the leaders of the European Union and the United States in these negotiations. This highlights the need for international support to successfully resolve the conflict.

Previously, attempts at negotiations between Ukraine and Russia were known at the beginning of a full-scale invasion.  Currently, the Ukrainian authorities say that they will not sit down at the negotiating table until Russia withdraws its troops from the conflict zone.

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