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What popular disease is not mobilized in Ukraine: a lawyer’s answer

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The mobilization campaign in Ukraine continues, and according to the law, categories of citizens entitled to a deferment from military service have been determined.
This information was reported by lawyer Andrei Mezhiritsky, URA-Inform reports.  

The new standards also take into account the physical condition of citizens. It turned out that persons diagnosed with obesity can be classified in Ukraine as unfit or partially fit for military service, depending on the degree of obesity and the presence of associated diseases.

The human rights activist noted that the degree of suitability/unsuitability of persons for military service determined in accordance with the Regulations on military medical examination in the Armed Forces of Ukraine approved by the Order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dated August 14, 2008. No. 402 .

This regulation, in particular, approved the schedule of diseases, conditions and physical disabilities that determine the degree of suitability for military service.

«The disease of obesity as a health condition , excluding or limiting the possibility of conscription for military service is contained in Article 13 of this Schedule. However, this article lists all types of obesity. It is on the classification of an illness as a significant, moderate or minor impairment of function that a person depends or is subject to mobilization during martial law,” the lawyer argues.

At the same time, the explanations of Article 13 note that there is only three degrees of obesity (although modern medicine distinguishes five degrees).

Persons diagnosed with diseases corresponding to Article 13 «B», Column II may be individually declared unfit for military service or limitedly suitable.

We recall that it was previously reported that the bill on mobilization: the Ministry of Defense named the key points.

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