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What the abbreviation WC actually means: the answer will surprise many

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This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform.  

All over the world you can see the familiar abbreviation WC, denoting a public toilet, but many people are often surprised when they find out how it stands for.

Researchers have noted that in the 19th century the word «toilet» was not uttered in society, nor were the bodily functions associated with using the toilet. That's why they came up with the term WC — «water closet» (water toilet).

This designation was used for a flush toilet that was new at the time, especially in public places. According to plumbing website Plumbworld, the phrase «water toilet» was first used in England back in the 1870s.

Originally known as the «washbasin», it soon evolved into the «toilet» due to popularity, and then again evolved into a «restroom».

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