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What the Kremlin is hiding from Russians: the Financial Times found out what secret the authorities have

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This information was reported by the above-mentioned publication, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that two years ago the world community was amazed when the West decided to impose unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia. However, despite this, the Russian economy did not collapse, which allowed the Russian authorities and President Putin to claim that the country was stable.

However, as The Financial Times notes, in reality the situation for the Kremlin looks much less rosy .

«First, it is worth paying attention to the fact that high GDP growth rates do not always reflect the actual state of affairs in the economy, as may be the case in other countries. GDP, which measures the amount of all activities paid for in an economy, depends on how much people are willing to spend. With the start of a full-scale military operation, Moscow was faced with the need to purchase military equipment, import weapons and increase the production of its own weapons. According to the Bank of Finland's Institute for Emerging Economies (Bofit), much of Russian industrial growth is linked to war-related sectors. At the same time, other industrial sectors are largely stagnating», — experts emphasize.

Along with the recovery in GDP growth, big economic problems are emerging, such as collapsing public infrastructure and a shortage of basic goods such as eggs. The deterioration of utility systems and housing infrastructure is exacerbated by shortages of parts and technology caused by sanctions.

So while the war economy is showing some activity, the country's broader sustainability is in doubt.

Russia's experience clearly shows that the war economy ultimately undermines its own future. It is not the military infrastructure that is suffering due to the redistribution of investments. The Bank of Finland's Institute for Emerging Economies notes that Russia is reducing its spending on scientific research compared to a decade ago, but Western countries could use their resources to reverse this trend.

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