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What threatens early warming in Ukraine: an entomologist warned about the risks

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In Ukraine there was an extremely warm end of March and beginning of April.

This information was reported by the BBC, reports URA-Inform.  

It is noted that 12 temperature records were recorded in Kyiv alone this month. 26 degrees in April — This is the highest temperature in decades of observation. According to weather forecasters, the average temperature during this period is usually between 10-16 degrees.

Entomologist Valery Korneev said that such early warming is a risk for insects that develop only in early spring. They get stressed when there are sudden climate changes.

According to him, due to such warming, there is a threat of new invasive species of insects appearing on the territory of Ukraine.

«We are worried that heat-loving species of mosquitoes and other insects that can carry dangerous infections will come to us. We cannot predict further warming, but it will shift many phenomena. More and more unexpected types of pests will appear», — Korneev believes.

Korneev also added that due to different times of early flowering of plants and the appearance of their pollinating insects, changes occur in ecosystems. This, like a chain reaction, affects the flora and fauna. Also, prolonged overheating of reservoirs will lead to increased «blooming» water and even worse changes. For example, the expert predicts a deterioration in the food supply for aquatic animals.

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