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What Ukrainian conscripts go through: a military psychologist reported details of the training

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This information was reported by the above-mentioned publication, reports URA-Inform.

According to the specialist, at the beginning, fear of the unknown is present in all conscripts, as they are faced with uncertainty and misunderstanding of what awaits them. In the war, he says, the worst thing for him was the path to battle, when nothing was clear.

He describes it as a feeling of discomfort caused by cold, hunger and a negative environment.

Training in training centers, according to Kozinchuk, occurs “indirectly,” through physical and psychological stress, which may be unusual and cause discomfort among recruits.

During the first days also conduct interviews to learn about each inductee's personality, motivation and experience. The specialist notes that it is important not only to teach soldiers to shoot, but also to help them decide on a profession in the army, taking into account their skills and interests.

Kozinchuk also discusses the phenomenon of «genetic memory», which, according to him, it is activated in critical situations, allowing a person to acquire new skills. He connects this not with historical connections, but with biological factors.

Recall that in Germany they urged to prepare for war: when Russian aggression is predicted.

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