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What will happen if the Russian Federation seizes Ukraine: the French Foreign Minister warned the world community

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Sezhurnet reported this information in an interview with Le Parisien, URA-Inform reports.

According to his estimates, if Ukraine is defeated, Russia could take control of up to 30% of world wheat exports, which, in turn, will cause inflation and a food crisis in France.

Séjournet emphasized , that French wheat would be at risk on world markets if Russia were able to dominate such a significant volume.

He said that the presence of such quantities of Russian grain on the market would create risks for the stability of food prices and lead to negative consequences for consumers.

The Minister called for continued assistance to Ukraine, emphasizing that this support is important for President Zelensky, who must demonstrate to the public his steadfastness and support in the face of a threat from Russia.

In In his final remark, he recalled the need to continue efforts to support the Ukrainian people during a difficult period.

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