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What will happen immediately after Putin’s death: Gordon presented his forecast

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Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon claims , that in Russia there is no desire to continue the war, and against this background, he assessed the prospects for the events that will occur after the death of Russian dictator Vladmir Putin.

Gordon reported this information on his YouTube, reports URA-Inform.

«If information about Putin’s death came today (I don’t know what it would be from, but let’s assume), then everything would change, right? This will change the whole situation 100%, because, apart from Putin, who is the initiator of the war in Ukraine, no one else benefits from the war», — Gordon noted.

 After this, the journalist discussed the possible development of events after the departure of the head of the Kremlin. He painted a picture of what would happen after Putin's absence:

«There are many individuals in the so-called Russian elite who profited from the Russians and intend to continue this business, if not for the strategy of Putin, who decided to enter into conflict with Ukraine. If he doesn’t exist, they will be the first to turn to the Americans and say: “Friends, we were waiting for his death and here it is.” We are ready to do anything as long as you tell us what to do. Withdraw troops from Ukraine? We'll do it right now. Crimea will be returned, and all responsibility will be blamed on Putin, just as earlier Khrushchev blamed everything on Stalin, and Brezhnev on Khrushchev.

Gordon recalled similar situations from history:< /p>

«They will blame him and say: «We were his hostages. He forced us to act this way, he constantly threatened us (threatened to kill) and that is why we acted this way, but now we want change. As Khrushchev once said? It was Stalin’s cult of personality, and we were all his hostages, although they all signed bloody orders, but Stalin was no longer there, and everything changed.

Recall that Zelensky made a new promise to Ukrainians: the president said what to expect in the spring .

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