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What will summer be like in Ukraine: the weather forecaster warned of dangerous phenomena

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Representative of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center Natalya Ptukha told what the weather will be like this summer.

This information was reported Natalya Ptukha, reports URA-Inform.  

She warned Ukrainians about dangerous phenomena in the summer of 2024. According to her, we are talking about a high threat of extreme fire danger due to uneven precipitation.

«There is a high probability of prolonged, in particular , 7-10 days without precipitation, periods of extreme fire danger. Mostly this is June and August throughout Ukraine. In the southern regions this can also be observed in May and September, the forecaster reported.

Natalia Ptukha also noted that this year in the warm season (from April to September) on average the temperature will exceed the norm.

«According to tentative forecasts, it is for this season, for 2024 from April through September, the average monthly temperature is expected to be 1-2 degrees above normal», — she added.

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