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What will Zelensky do to retain power after March 31: the source named 3 scenarios

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An insider from the Office of the President revealed that several scenarios are being prepared for a possible crisis during a vacuum of legitimacy, which may arise if the signing of new agreements is blocked in the West.

This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.

“Currently, the main scenario involves accusing the Kremlin of organizing «Maidan-3» with the goal of overthrowing Zelensky, which means the need for him to continue fulfilling his duties as President,” — stated at the beginning of the message.

According to the insider, two more scenarios are being considered in parallel with this. The first of them involves creating the illusion of transfer of powers to parliament, while Andrei Ermak is appointed to the post of Prime Minister.

“The second scenario, known as the Triumvirate, assumes creation of a temporary governing body of the country, consisting of the President (or Speaker), Prime Minister and other key figures of the state apparatus,” — concluded the source.

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