• 24/07/2024 16:58

When the Russian Federation can launch a new big offensive: a military analyst announced his forecast

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This information was reported by Channel 24, URA-Inform reports.

ATO veteran Yevgeny Dikiy warned about the possibility of a large-scale offensive by Russian troops in Ukraine and announced the time frame for this potential scenario.

«The group that is fighting against us now will end in about two months. In March or maximum April they will run out of steam: their offensive potential will end and without a large mobilization in the Russian Federation they will not be able to resume even a small offensive potential,” he noted.

The military analyst also expressed their assumptions regarding the timing of a possible major Russian offensive, noting that after the «elections» Russians have no barriers to conducting an extensive mobilization wave similar to the one that took place in the fall of 2022.

«But if they start it literally on the day after the elections, conventionally March 16, then until fresh forces appear at the front it will take at least four months, from four to six. Thus, we count: April, June, July. Roughly speaking, in July or even in August and September we can expect the emergence of a new wave of «mobiks» and an attempt to move on to a big offensive,” Dikiy summarized.

We recall that it was previously reported that another country wants to sign a security agreement with Ukraine: “We should be next.” 187;.

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