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When the war in Ukraine will end: NATO gave its forecast

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This information was reported by Digi24, URA-Inform reports.  

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Joane predicted the timing of the end of the war in Ukraine. In his opinion, the Russian war against Ukraine will be protracted and may not end even in 2025.

“My call — prepare for a long war, it will continue. This won't happen in 2024, perhaps not even in 2025. Nowhere do we see the military ability to achieve a decisive victory one way or another. We expect a protracted war with small offensives, counter-offensives, with the conquest and loss of territory. The Ukrainians, with our support, managed to return 50% of the territory originally occupied by the Russians. This is not a small thing,” — he said.

The official noted that NATO needs Ukraine to survive, the Republic of Moldova to join Europe, and Georgia to join the Euro-Atlantic community. He also stated that “under no circumstances will we be able to accept Russia returning to the border with Romania.”

“I urge you not to switch sides exaggerated pessimism, because Ukraine has enough resources to continue this war and succeed. There is no risk, as in the current situation, with Russian military resources, with Russian military production, with the operating regime of the Russian Federation,” — Joan added.

We recall that it was previously reported that the situation at the front could change dramatically: the military man admitted what to expect.

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