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When will humanity be able to travel interstellarly: experts have calculated the date

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This information was reported by T4, reports URA-Inform.  

The study of an international group of scientists took as a basis the theory of patterns of development of civilization. According to this theory, the first level for the earthling community is the state of technology, when people will be able to fully use all types of energy on their home planet, including the energy of the Sun.

Calculations show that this will happen by 2371. It is at this point that earthlings will learn to use the energy of the luminary in a volume similar to the explosions of several hundred atomic bombs.

It will be possible to use such energy for any earthly needs and interstellar travel. When compiling this model, experts also used Carl Sagan’s formula, which makes it possible to realistically estimate the consumption of fossil fuels, the volume of nuclear energy and renewable energy sources.

In more than two hundred years, humanity will find itself on its planet in not the best conditions, and resettlement to other planets will become a necessity, many scientists believe.

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