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When Zelensky will sign a new law on mobilization: the Rada has announced the timing

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First Deputy Chairman of Parliament Alexander Kornienko said when President Vladimir Zelensky will sign the new law on mobilization.

Alexander Kornienko reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

He said that the Verkhovna Rada has not registered resolutions that would block the speaker from signing the adopted amendments to the law on mobilization.

«We wait another day for these rulings. There were none in the previous two days. And this is a good sign. I think that starting Monday the speaker will be able to sign it and send it to the president for signature. The President will have two weeks, and I think he won’t delay», — said Kornienko.

At the same time, he noted that the Office of the President will study the document for some time for compliance with the Constitution, after which the president will sign it.

«Optimistically, in the next two weeks it will be published and come into force, and then we need to count down certain deadlines, because part the norms apply immediately, and some — in a month», — explained the vice speaker.

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