• 13/07/2024 14:39

Where are subpoenas being handed out now: a TCC representative warned where the military might come

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This information was reported by ” Evening Kiev,” reports URA-Inform.

«The Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support receives tasks from the Kiev City TsK, which define quantitative and qualitative indicators for the conscription of citizens liable for military service», — emphasized the representative of the TCC.

He added that people are then notified and their details are clarified, and a military medical commission determines suitability for military service.

According to Novosyadly, after this people are identified who are subject to mobilization, taking into account their health status and age characteristics . These citizens are divided into teams, which are then sent to training centers.

Answering the question of whether summonses are currently being handed out in cafes and gyms, Novosyadly noted that such actions do not violate the laws.

«Well, why not?! The legislation does not define specific places for serving the summons. Measures to notify the population are carried out at home addresses, at places of work (there are certain responsibilities for the heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations to carry out these activities), and anywhere», — he explained.

Recall that Putin will receive “pleasant surprises” on the battlefield – the United States gave a powerful warning to the Russian Federation.

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