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Where did the Mayan civilization disappear: scientists have come to new conclusions

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This information was reported by the journal Nature, reports URA-Inform.

New approach

Particular attention is paid to the capital Mayapan on the Yucatan Peninsula, which ceased to exist in the 13th and 14th centuries AD, and its population scattered to small settlements in the surrounding area. According to new findings, which are supported by research from a team led by Douglas J. Kennett, the main reason for the collapse of the Mayan civilization was a long-term drought. This problem has long been considered as one of the likely factors, but only now have researchers come to a definite conclusion about its role in the death of Mayapan.

What exactly caused the decline?< /h2>

Scientists point out that drought has caused civil conflicts and a political crisis. Struggling to survive in an environment of limited resources, the population of the capital was likely to face food shortages and security threats. The escalation of tensions between various groups and factions became inevitable, leading to the disintegration of social order.

Analysis of the data shows that civil conflict peaked between 1400 and 1450 AD, corresponding to a period of prolonged drought. Researchers say water shortages have affected agricultural practices and trade routes, leading to deteriorating living conditions and increased social tensions.

Other factors

However, despite the collapse of Mayapan, researchers note the resilience of the region as a whole. Although the city's political and economic structures were destroyed, small settlements continued to exist, demonstrating the ability of the local population to adapt to new conditions. Thus, the study emphasizes the complex relationship between natural disasters, political processes and social stability in ancient civilizations, emphasizing the importance of understanding these relationships for the modern world.

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