• 25/07/2024 02:01

Who became the leader of the US primaries: Western media named the key candidate

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This information was reported by the ABC News resource, URA-Inform reports.

< p>It's worth noting that Joe Biden's job approval has fallen to a historic 15-year low for any president.

National polling results in Iowa indicate Trump is highly rated, especially among Republicans and independents, in three key areas criteria: the best chance of winning in November, strong leadership and high qualifications as the party's candidate.

Trump is also ahead of his Republican rivals, although by a less significant margin, on two other parameters — empathy and shared values. Seven in 10 Republicans rate Trump favorably.

The overall percentage of Republican-leaning adults who support Trump as a candidate is 72%, unchanged from May's 75%. 61% expressed satisfaction with Ron DeSantis.

Other candidates received less support: Nikki Haley — 48%, Vivek Ramaswamy — 44%, Chris Christie (withdrew) — 23%, Asa Hutchinson — 17%.

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