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Who can eliminate Putin today: a military expert spoke about a group of people

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Chernik reported this information in an interview with the News Factory, reports URA-Inform.< /p>

If Putin fails in the war against Ukraine, according to Chernik, his own people may attempt to destroy him. Chernik recalled the cruelty of customs in Russia, where there are cruel rules, and no one will spare a weak leader.

Answering a question from journalist Yuri Bibik regarding the West's fear of Putin using nuclear weapons, Chernik supported this view, noting that such fears are justified. He emphasized the analogy with the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, but added that at that time Nikita Khrushchev was not under direct threat, unlike the current situation with Putin, who faces a threat without full legitimacy.

In his statements, Chernik noted that Putin will not be able to spontaneously remain in office, and his status as a non-handicapped person is wanted.

He emphasized that if Putin is defeated in the war, his own supporters can destroy him, since in their minds the leader must be strong, and the system is built on bestial cruelty.

Recall that Ukraine’s counter-offensive could take place in 2022: who opposed it.

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