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Who in the Kremlin is spreading rumors about Putin’s death: the source named the culprit and said why he needed it

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Donpress reported this information, citing sources from the Kremlin Tabakerka, reports “URA-Inform”.

According to insiders, there are as many as four sources in the Presidential Administration. According to him, in the corridors of power there is talk that the president has a terrible illness, and even on Christmas he did not take communion because he allegedly did not want to die and was offended by God.

Sources add that, according to people in the know, Putin will not live to see the summer. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, these rumors are actively spreading.

This is not the first time rumors about the death of the president have appeared. Similar rumors were already circulating at the end of November, and in October the telegram channel «General SVR» dispelled the fake story about Putin's supposed death.

An interesting fact is that, according to sources in the FSB and FSO, Dmitry Medvedev may be involved in spreading these rumors.

According to information from the telegram channel, Medvedev was recently accused of financing and actively protecting «professor» Valery Solovy and the channel «General SVR». There is a suspicion that it was Medvedev who could invent a lie about Putin's death and publish it for a generous sum. It is believed that Medvedev is bored with his role as a “clown” who threatens the West and NATO with a nuclear club.

“He, apparently, considers himself young and promising enough to return to the presidency. However, he cannot directly confront Vladimir Vladimirovich, so he resorts to such machinations. Medvedev’s possible involvement in spreading rumors about the president’s death is under investigation, and if guilt is proven, Putin will receive a corresponding report from the security forces,” — said in the statement.

Recall that Trump made a new promise on Ukraine: the ex-president said what he would strive for for the sake of peace.

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