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Why did Zelenskaya wear different socks: the first lady gave an unusual reason

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The wife of Vladimir Zelensky named Elena Zelenskaya once again demonstrated her uniqueness by publishing a photo in which she wears unusual socks of different par.

Zelenskaya reported this information on her Facebook, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that such an eccentric style is not typical for the first lady, but there is a deep meaning behind it. After all, these socks were created by artists with Down syndrome and autism, so Zelenskaya decided to give a detailed comment.

Wanting to support their creativity and talent, Zelenskaya spoke about the works of Nicole Lyapustina, Sofia Zhuk and Maria Gumennaya from the art studio of Olya Stavnikovich . These artists have already repeatedly participated in the decoration of the New Year tree on Bankova Street in Kiev, giving a festive mood to the entire city.

This time, Zelenskaya’s team and the workshop are jointly supporting the international campaign #lots_of_socks, dedicated to World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. This initiative is designed to draw attention to people with Down syndrome and highlight their uniqueness and talents.

Using the example of Nicole, one of the authors of the socks, Zelenskaya wants to convey an important message: it is not the number of chromosomes that determines a person, but his uniqueness and talent . The artist's works have become recognizable due to her special style and have been successfully presented at auctions in Chicago and Warsaw.

Zelenskaya's gesture reminds the whole world that our human dignity does not depend on the presence or absence of medical diagnoses. It is important to accept each other without prejudice and respect the individuality of each person. We are all different and that makes us unique. We all have the right to equal opportunities and respect.

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