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Why do dogs wag their tail: scientists were able to answer a famous question

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Recent research by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and the University of Turin suggests that this behavioral feature may be the result of a domestication process.

Scientists have proposed the “domesticated rhythmic swaying” hypothesis, suggesting that the human penchant for rhythm may have selected for dogs with more pronounced and rhythmic tail movements. This phenomenon likely occurred during the ancient process of domestication, when humans, consciously or not, preferred dogs that exhibited more frequent and perhaps more rhythmic tail wagging.

The researchers note that, unlike wolf cubs, who rarely wag their tail, puppies learn this behavior early and often. According to scientists, dogs wag their tail to express submission, satisfaction, request, greeting, and in response to food, toys and other stimuli.

However, researchers also emphasize that finding meaning in tail wagging can be redundant, since it may be an accidental consequence of other more significant traits.

Recalling research into the domestication of foxes in Russia, scientists indicate that changes in tail-wagging behavior may have arisen as a side effect of selection for other traits, such as friendliness to people.

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