• 21/07/2024 13:41

Why do summonses come to the dead: the TCC of Kyiv found the answer

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The Kiev Territorial Recruitment Center reports that summonses for military conscription may continue to be sent to the names of deceased persons liable for military service due to one reason.

This information was reported by the above-mentioned department on its page, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that such incidents occur due to the incompleteness and irrelevance of personal data in the databases . At the same time, in the conditions of waging war with Russia, a sufficient number of Ukrainians die every day.

Therefore, situations arise when summonses come in the names of already deceased soldiers. This causes discontent and irritation among their families, who are forced to conduct proceedings with the military departments.

There are known cases when widows and relatives of fallen soldiers received summonses for conscription, which caused bewilderment and indignation. These situations are considered absurd and unacceptable, since they clearly demonstrate shortcomings in the system for updating citizens’ personal data.

Recall that the Ukrainian government is developing new restrictions for draft dodgers, – Ministry of Justice.

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